Bal-A-Vis-X Classes

Basics - 7 Hours

2020 Dates

  • May 9
  • July 12

Details: A one-day introduction to the foundational bag and ball exercises. It is highly recommended that this course be followed by taking the 17-hour Level A training within the next year.


Level A - 17 Hours

  • Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Dec. 6 - Spread over three months
  • July 31 - Aug. 2 - One weekend

Details: This course offers active participation and training in learning the fundamental Bal-A-Vis-X principles, rhythms, patterns, procedures and the first 135 or so exercises. In includes basic modifications for the very young, seniors, and those with physical challenges. Includes...


Trauma-Informed - 7 Hours

2020 Dates

  • Coming Late Spring 2020

Details: This will be a one-day training, introducing the basic bag & ball exercises, plus some brand new exercises designed especially for people who are survivors of trauma.

Stay tuned for further details…


Brain Gym Classes

Brain Gym 104 – The 26 Movements

2020 Dates

  • Coming Soon

Details: A two-day immersion in the 26 movements of the Brain Gym® system. Learn all 26 Brain Gym movements and how to apply them in your life – and share them with your children, students, and clients as well. Perfect for parents, teachers, therapists, anyone who would like an easier way to “move” through life! You’ll learn playful ways to do the Brain Gym movements – as well as adapt them for special needs – and understand the how’s and why’s of using them. Come get this taste of Brain Gym!

This is a NEW course

  • Counts as 16 hours of credit toward becoming a Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant
  • One of ONLY THREE courses required toward becoming a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator – so you can teach this BG104 course to others! Please contact me for details.

No prerequisite – anyone may attend.

Turner Senior Resource Center "Brain Gym" Class

2020 Dates

  • Current session goes through March 12
  • 2 six- week sessions between April 1 and September 30

Details: Exact dates have not yet been determined. Either email Katy or call (734) 998-9353 for more information or to register.

Open Public Adult and Senior "Brain Gym" Classes

2020 Dates

  • Tuesday nights
  • 6 to 7 pm
  • Lawton Elementary School in the gym
  • For all dates

Details: Katy teaches an evening and an afternoon class titled "Brain Gym" that combines Brain Gym, Bal-A-Vis-X, and other movements into a fun class that is accessible to all adults and seniors in the Ann Arbor area. The classes are through the Ann Arbor Rec & Ed and can be found in the Adult Fitness and Yoga Section in the catalog.

Movement Based Learning – Developmental Building Block Activities

2020 Dates

  • Friday, August 21

Details: A one-day workshop in techniques that support the integration of the nervous system. Have you ever worked with a child (or teen, or adult) whose nervous system seems overly reactive, overwhelmed by sensory input? These Building Block activities support people of any age in developing a stronger internal sense of pattern and structure so that external input can be more easily received and responded to. Perfect for those with developmental challenges, sensory integration issues, ADD/ADHD, brain injury, and more. No prerequisite – anyone may attend. Cecilia Koester created this workshop from the activities she teaches in her BG170 course. Katy Held is authorized by her as a provider for this workshop. Counts as 8 hours toward BG instructor re-licensure.

Note - No prerequisite – Anyone may attend