Brain Gym 104 – The 26 Movements

2020 Dates

  • Coming Soon

Details: A two-day immersion in the 26 movements of the Brain Gym® system. Learn all 26 Brain Gym movements and how to apply them in your life – and share them with your children, students, and clients as well. Perfect for parents, teachers, therapists, anyone who would like an easier way to “move” through life! You’ll learn playful ways to do the Brain Gym movements – as well as adapt them for special needs – and understand the how’s and why’s of using them. Come get this taste of Brain Gym!

This is a NEW course

  • Counts as 16 hours of credit toward becoming a Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant
  • One of ONLY THREE courses required toward becoming a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator – so you can teach this BG104 course to others! Please contact me for details.

No prerequisite – anyone may attend.